The History of Kingpost

Joey Chalk has been around carpentry since before he could walk! His father and his grandfather were both carpenters. As a three year old he used to visit his Dad and take sandwiches with his Mum. To the wee lad, the building frames were like a giant playground! By the time Joey was seven, he was busy making a hammer holder for his belt out of number 8 wire, just like his Dad’s one.

For the next few years, Joey would while away his spare time in the workshop making boats, kites, bows and arrows.

It wasn’t long before Joey was spending the school holidays helping his Dad on the building site, learning to use the power tools. Over time he started to understand the building process and of course earning some precious dollars!

By the time high school was ending Joey was still helping out but only for the cash. Joey was going to be a filmmaker, so he downed tools and picked up the camera. It wasn’t long before reality hit and the glamour of the film industry was gone. Joey found himself back on site with Dad and this time it felt like the right place to be.

“It wasn’t until my late teens that I really understood where I came from. My granddad Arthur Chalk was a master carpenter... he’d built planes in WW2 for test pilots. After that he made plywood rowing skiffs and beautiful oak furniture, some of which I have today. I am a third generation carpenter, something I am very proud of.” Joey Chalk “I reckon it’s this history that gives me the passion for what I do.”

Joey loves working on homes where you can see the pride the original carpenter had in his work. He works hard to seamlessly stitch into his work matching the style, mouldings and feel so you would never know that new doorway or extension wasn’t there all along.

About ten years ago Joey and his wife Holly started KingPost as a building company. At first, they were specialising in villa and bungalow renovations. About six years ago Joey had a serious cancer battle and it made him decide to focus on what he really enjoyed doing.

So KingPost Timberworks was born, concentrating on high quality, handcrafted furniture and custom finishings. Finally, Joey and Holly are doing what they had dreamed about for years, The KingPost Timberworks team lead by Joey and Holly are dedicated to excellent service and outstanding workmanship. They plan to carry on crafting timber furniture and custom wooden fixtures that will last for generations to come. 

Kingpost Timberworks

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